This document relates specifically to Domain Names ending in .uk

1) Definitions

In these terms:

1.1)” Nominet UK ” means Nominet UK PLC (Company No. 3203859).
1.2)“The Client” means the person, company or organisation purchasing the domain name.
1.3)“The Domain Name” means any .uk internet domain name registered through Nominet UK.
1.4)“ Working day ” Any weekday i.e. Monday to Friday, but excluding bank holidays and public holidays.

2) Regulator Information

.uk domain names are controlled and regulated by Nominet UK PLC (Company No. 3203859). The registration and ownership of .uk domain names are subject to terms and conditions in addition to our own. The information below refers specifically to .uk domain names only

3) Registrar Information 

Purple PC is legally know as Matthew Haines T/A Purple PC. The business trading address is: Park Cottage, Beech Lane, Grasscroft, Oldham, OL4 4EP

4) Registrar Regulation

As a Nominet Channel Partner we adhere to the terms and conditions laid out for registrars by Nominet UK.

5) Company Contact Information

You can contact us via email, the main office number +44 (0)1457 875676 (8.30am-5pm GMT), or the on call mobile number: +44 (0)7970 942 469 (24 hours)

6) Abuse and Disputes

For abuse or disputes related to the registration and use of .uk domain names managed by Purple PC, please contact us using the details above. We will responding to your request in full within 2 working days. Should we be unable to help, we can further advise you how to pursue a dispute claim against the third party using the Nominet UK Dispute Resolution Service (DRS)

7) Complaints

Should you have a complaint about our service or feel we have not treated you in a manner befitting of a .uk registrar, please contact us using the details above and we will do our best to resolve the problem. All complainants are dealt with as per our complaints procedure detailed in the Cloud Terms & Conditions. In addition should you feel unsatisfied with the final outcome of your complaint then you are able to contact Nominet UK directly. Nominet UK Contact Page .

8) Response times

If you contact us for any of the above reasons, requests will responded to within no more than 2 working days.

9) Registrant Terms & Conditions

When we register domain names for you, you must agree to the Nominet UK  Terms & Conditions. Full details of which can be found by clicking here

10) Data Quality 

It is important to ensure that any registration contact information that you The Client provides to us when registering your new domain is correct. The legal owner must be a valid legal entity, person or company, and the registered address must be a valid postal address. For new and existing clients we reserve the right to demand for further proof of identity before submitting a Domain Name registration to Nominet UK. Further to our submission Nominet UK will often perform additional checking to validate quality of any data provided. Any errors in that data can lead to Nominet UK suspending the domain registration pending clarification.

11) Domain Pricing

Domain pricing does depends on the package we are offering but will be clearly available at the time of purchase. Pricing ranges from free to a current maximum of £6+vat per year for new registrations and renewals.

12) Domain Renewal

Domains will be renewed in-line with the renewal option agreed at the time of purchase.

13) Refunds and Transfers

Domain registration and renewal fees are non-refundable, but other than the payment of any outstanding domain renewal fees Purple PC make no additional charge to transfer a .uk domain name away to a new Registrar. Changes the Legal Registrant of a .uk domain name must be done through the Nominet UK website using the login details mailed to you when you first registered the domain. Nominet UK charge for Legal Registrant transfers, currently this charge is £10+vat.

14) Other

If the Client has purchased their .uk domain from a source or registrar other than Purple PC, the payment and renewal of those domain names is your sole responsibility. The loss, cancellation or otherwise of a domain brought about by non or late payment of invoices to you is not the responsibility of Purple PC. The Client should keep a record of the due dates for renewal payments and ensure that payment is made in good time to their registrar.

15) Further Information

A full set of all Nominet UK policies and rules can be found here: Nominet Policies and Rules

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