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Purple PC Cloud Hosting services have been designed to keep downtime for your email, websites and applications to an absolute minimum. Our system is targeted at businesses and consumers who need a very high level of uptime but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions. It is perfect for web sites that are not busy enough to need the increased hardware resources of a Cloud VPS or dedicated hardware but still would like to have access to enterprise grade hardware, uptime and backup.

The Purple PC Cloud Hosting system came about when we struggled to find a reliable cost effective platform to host our clients data. By developing our own system to our own specification, we have industry leading performance and reliability. All our the higher level Linux maintenance and support is outsourced to a VMware and Linux specialist, and we are able to mange our Windows based Hosted Exchange system in house. This leaves the minimal balance of the day to day running of the system to ourselves, which provides a more cost effective platform that we can spend most of our time using rather than maintaining. It also means that the set-up of services and changes to DNS records can be done whenever they are needed. Plus you can talk to us on the phone, something sadly lacking with most low cost hosting service providers.

Our Cloud hosting system is ideal for small on-line stores, affiliate marketers, web designers, photographers, small businesses, or anyone who needs the peace of mind that can be found with enterprise class web hosting.

Our clients include most if not all of our Managed IT support customers, a number of web designers, small businesses and private individuals.

Our system has continuously evolved and grown organically over the last 18 years and is a radically different platform from the one we started with. In total we now manage the on-line presence of  nearly 1,000 websites and manage over 2,000 domain names.

We don’t actively market or sell our Cloud Services, as we are technically our own biggest client. But if you are not an existing client, or have been recommended by one of our existing clients and you are looking for reliable Web Hosting, cost effective Hosted Exchange or Cloud Data Storage please contact us and we will see if we can help.

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